Specialist Mixer Pump Type BAPRO one Injection


Specialist mixer pump type BAPRO one injection, this is high-performance machine for work in fulfillment of the space between the geothermal probe and the wall of the borehole, performed for the installation of heat pumps. The filling made with a machine with the appropriate material will provide high thermal conductivity, reducing the thermal resistance of the opening. The process involves placing an appropriate quantity of material in the sealed zone, where as a result of adsorption of water followed by swelling of the material, increasing the volume of bentonite to form a layer impermeable to water. Leaven by increasing their volume fills the annular space, even in the holes of enlarged diameter which ensures 100% seal!

The machine’s design and technical solutions guarantee a trouble-free, simple and at the same time maximum safe operation. Overall dimensions and its weight provide easy and convenient transport. The advantage of using the machine is high performance with simultaneously low operating costs. The idea is to continuously mix the starter correctly and at a pressure stamp hose pipe injection. The appropriate amount of grout with our machine is able to accurately fill the hole, supplanting the residual drilling fluid. Each tray provided on the dry material suitable type of material is automatically collected and provided to the mixing zone with the water. The machine provides a continuous mixing of material in proportion to the water. The density of the grout is subject to regulation by the use of a water meter with precision scale so that we get the proper grout properties. Ready-mixed grout is pumped into the pipe hoses injection at the bottom of the hole. The use of a specially constructed screw pump type BAPRO POWER MAX injection is to create the appropriate pressure necessary for the process of pumping grout. After some time after the congestion process begins proper grout bond. The basis for achieving the parameters to obtain optimal properties at the stage of preparing grout. Easy process of preparing grout and excellent opportunities pumping grout guarantee the proper implementation and at the same time ensures that the fill hole.

Filling the hole after putting down the injection tube at the bottom of the wellbore. This is as a starting point to fill the hole leaven.
The process of filling the hole leaven should meet the following conditions:

– Drilling mud displacement process was conducted in a controlled manner,
– Prevent segregation grout,
– Tightly fill the space of the hole.

Technical data

  • Pumping : basic 40 liter per minute
  • Distance delivery : to a depth of 150 meter
  • Power supply: 400 Volts / 50 Hz
  • Drives : 2 three-phase motors 400V/ 50 Hz
  • Mixed and pump gear motor NORD 5,5 kW 236 rpm
  • Material feeder gear motor NORD 0,55 kW 22 rpm
  • Water pump type 50M 0,37 kW
  • Dimensions L/W/H:1250/720/1530 mm
  • Filing height : 90cm
  • Weight 220 kg


  • variable pump rate
  • ease of use and simple design
  • high performance
  • 5 year warranty
  • operational reliability
  • convenient transport
  • low height of the hopper
  • extensive hopper 130 liters
  • water pump
  • water fittings distributive includes a module of stainless steel
  • reinforced geared motors NORD
  • high-quality components

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