Special Pump Type BAPRO 400V

Proven on many construction sites!

Specialist pump for pumping a variety of masses of granulation up to 8 mm is the perfect complement to the daily construction work. The machine has controlled by the inverter variable speed pumping. Specially selected reinforced NORD geared motor 3 kW 87Hz and has potential as a unit of 5.5 kW so that we gain a longer life gearmotor. The entire operation of the machine is very simple, just pour into the tray ready mixed liquid. The device consists of two components, ie. the control box unit that can be quickly dismantled and put next to the machine during operation, and the frame with a large tank. Ease of movement provides a system of rubber wheels. The low height of the hopper, and a convenient carrying handles allow one person to efficiently move from place to place. The pump can be retrofitted with supplementary equipment so we can expand the work of spraying different materials. The whole machine control can be carried out at a distance thanks to the control cable with a button on / off.

Pump BAPRO 400V is another step towards improving the efficiency of work!

Technical data

  • Pumping : variable controlled by the inverter from 8 to 60 liter per minute
  • Distance delivery : to 50 meter
  • Power supply: 400 Volts / 50 Hz
  • Drives : three-phase motor 400V/ 50 Hz
  • Gearmotor 3 kW controlled inverter speed control
  • Compressor 900 W efficiency 250 l / min
  • Dimensions L/W/H:1600/730/950 mm
  • Filing height : 70 cm
  • Weight 150 kg

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