Feeder dry mortar conveying type BAPRO 140T


Feeder dry mortar conveying type BAPRO 140T is a high-performance, automatic, portable stamping machine for dust-free feeding of finished powdery mortars for plastering units and other devices adapted to work with a dust-proof cover. In combination with the plastering machines series BAPRO one ensures fully automatic and dust-free operation. Very quickly, the dry mortar is transferred directly to the plastering machine. The device can be connected to any type of container / silo. 
Modern design of the compressor with increased pressing parameters and maximum capacity of 150 m3/h.
New better comfortable transport system: Compressor and Conveyor receiver includes trans-port handles and road wheels.
Even without silo highly productive using simple hand movements, you can mount the hopper on your conveying unit. Now it is applicable for the feeding with bag material without any problems. 

Technical data

  • Compressor: 7,5kW 400V 50Hz
  • Capacity max. 150 m3/h
  • Capacity approx. 25 kg/min
  • Distance delivery : up to 150 meter
  • Pressure: max 2,5 bar
  • Dimensions L/D/H:980/750/780 mm
  • Weight Compressor with control-box mounted in frame: 200 kg
  • Hight receiver: 990 mm
  • Capacity Conveyor receiver: 80 l
  • Gear motor sliding 0.18 kW
  • Weight Conveyor receiver: 100 kg

Standard equipment

  • Compressor with control-box mounted in frame
  • Conveyor receiver cpl.
  • Air hose 6 meter cpl.

Recommendation additional accessories

  • pvc conveying hose 25 meter
  • external vibrator
  • injection hood BAPRO with monofilter
  • level sensor and control cable
  • filling hopper for the conveying of material in bags

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