Electric Float BAPRO EASY II

Proven on many construction sites!


In carrying out the finishing work the huge importance has productivity. So far, work is carried out manually the treatment of plaster can now be replaced with highly efficient BAPRO EASY II electric finishing plaster machine. It’s very easy to use device affects not only the smooth running of the work but the end result appears trowelled plaster. The finishing plaster machine consists of two components: cover and the drive. The cover contains feets stable, convenient handle for transport and a 3-liter water tank. The front panel contains the main electrical connection and main switch controller machine which precisely set the optimal speed mashing and connect the drive with a trowel quick-feed water. Water is taken from the reservoir through water pump with filter system thus eliminating the possibility clogging of the nozzle. Pumped by cable directly to the drive. The handle has a button ON and OFF as well the washer and the oblique sprinkler nozzles for humidification. The optimum speed of mashing plaster is achieved through the liquid drive speed control dial. Disc diameter is 40 cm with the exchangeable accessories (velcro). The equipment enters into the composition of PVC disc initial scuffing and free sponges varying hardness. Items are rapidlymountable after the solid velcro. To  ensure the sage transport of equipment, the standard unithas closed light box. The great advantage of it ispower to 230 Volts, small size and weight. Asyou can see finishing plaster BAPRO EASY IIthis is another step towards improving theefficiency work!

Try and convince yourself how much gain in productivity!


  • drive 0,8kW 230V 50Hz
  • 3 liter water thank with pump and filter
  • disc diameter 40 cm
  • cable length 10 m
  • speed control
  • moisturizing by water nozzle

Technical Data

  • dimensions H/W/L 36cm/30cm/45cm
  • weight of the drive 5kg
  • base weight 15kg
  • total weight 30kg

Standard equipment

  • float PVC pre-mashing with Velcro
  • brown sponge with Velcro
  • creamy sponge with Velcro
  • blue sponge with Velcro
  • safety glasses
  • transport box

Additional equipment

  • electric cable 10m
  • electric cable 20m

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